Victoria – Stamford.Shoulder problem.

I woke up one morning with limited movement upwards and behind of my right shoulder and a dull aching pain in the joint which was preventing me from having a good night's sleep. I was diagnosed by my GP as having an impinged shoulder ligament and was advised that surgery would be my best option. Not keen on taking the surgery route I instead contacted Louise to try “The Bowen Technique”. After taking three treatments I no longer have any aching pain in my shoulder and my movement range, although not completely corrected has improved dramatically with no pain at all. I am overjoyed with the results and would recommend this treatment to anyone with joint problems similar to mine. 

Margaret - Bourne. Sciatica

For several years I have suffered with sciatica. which has made my back very painful when rising from sitting and then walking. I have not slept well, either, due to back and leg pain, depending on lying position in bed. After three Bowen sessions I was free from pain on standing and walking; and after the fourth, lying in bed has been pain-free too, resulting in better nights. Generally my muscles seem more flexible and my whole body seems in better condition. I intend to continue with The Bowen Technique, as it has been very beneficial and sucessful for my back. as a therapeutic, gentle and relaxing treatment. 
Suffered with sciatica for many years until now!

Jan - Thurlby. Suffered with continual headaches.

Just to let you know that what ever you did last Wednesday night has helped. I am feeling so much better after my second Bowen treatment. The headaches that I have been experiencing have gone, I have slept really well for the first time in months and am full of energy today! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks for my next treatment. 

John - Bourne. Head and shoulder sporting injury

Following a sporting injury; I suffered very bad pains in my head, neck and shoulders and was unable to turn my head. I visited an osteopath, who was unable to treat me and referred me to the NHS Doctors. They in turn sent me for an X-ray and I was diagnosed with severe whiplash and told it would take between 3 to 6 months to fully recover. After one month, I decided to see Louise for three weekly sessions of Bowen. After the second session I found my head, neck and shoulder pains where less intense. A week after the third session, when asked about my neck I realised that the pains had nearly disappeared and soon after that I had no pain at all. I found the treatment I had to be very relaxing and I am sure The Bowen Technique treatment contributed immensely in speeding up my recovery and would recommend it to anyone. 

Christine - Bourne. Knee problem.

Bowen was administered in a caring and gentle way by Louise. The treatment freed me from a very debilitating and painful knee. The Bowen Technique was a complete pleasure and after very few treatments removed all pain and I have been free of any reoccurrence. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering joint or muscle pain. 

Paula - Bourne. Stress, relaxation.

“I have visited Louise on a number of occasions over the past few years for various treatments from her. I have a busy life, with young children and a part-time career, and find little time to relax and suffer quite frequently with headaches. Louise suggested that they may be due to tension and therefore suggested a massage. After the first treatment I didn’t have another headache for the next four weeks and at that point I knew it was time to revisit her. It also stopped me from taking “over-the-counter” drugs which I was using as a quick solve solution and much too frequently for my liking. I felt that with Louise’s help that I was addressing my illness in a positive manner. Another treatment that Louise performed on me was reflexology, and again the treatment was thoroughly relaxing and a complete pleasure to have done. I feel that the benefits of that were it helped me to sleep better. The final treatment that I have encountered with Louise is my favourite ‘Reiki’. The energy flow is so strong that you can feel her drawing out any negative energy. It is a completely new experience and a thoroughly amazing one. I do believe that alternative therapy is a good method of treating illness and it harbours none of the side effects many chemical drugs produce and with Louise’s confidential, professional and pleasant manner the whole experience can be extremely enjoyable.” 


Tony – Market Deeping. Stress and hearing.

I visit Louise for Holistic Treatment once a month, alternating between Reflexology and Hopi Ear Candles with facial massage. At first I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Whether its Reflexology or Hopi Ear Candles I always feel totally relaxed and stress free during and after the treatment, more often than not I tend to drift off for a doze. I have also found that having regular Hopi Ear treatments, which removes wax and impurities has slightly improved my hearing, which is a far more enjoyable method than syringing. 

Teresa - Bourne. Stress, aches and pains

I have had many massages and treatments for stress and an aching body. I feel Louise is the best therapist I have encountered up to now. I see Louise on a regular basis, she is friendly yet professional. Her prices are more reasonable than many other places. I would miss my treatments if I didn’t have them to look forward to. 

David - Bourne. Depression

This was my first Reiki experience. I was suffering from depression and anxiety and was desperate for help. I didn’t quite know what to expect and to be honest didn’t really think it would help but decided anything was worth a try. My initial feeling was that of complete relaxation. My mind for the first time in ages actually stopped racing. I  felt enormous relief when realising I could and was relaxing. The hands on experience seemed to draw the tension out of my head and towards the end I felt myself starting to nod off which I found amazing in view of my condition. After several more treatments, I felt so much better and can say, hand on heart, Reiki contributed greatly to my recovery and made me feel normal again. 

Depression and anxiety.

Linda – Bourne, Fellow Holistic Therapist. Pain management and stress. 

I started exchanging Reflexology treatments with Louise a few months ago after each session I feel much better, less stressed, less joint pain and an overall feeling of well-being. I also find that it has a very positive influence on my energy levels. Louise is very knowledgeable and professional, whilst still being very compassionate and caring. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found her for my Reflexology treatments.