• Louise Dunthorne

Bowen 'Sets' children up for life

Do you have or know a child with health problems?

The Bowen Technique is so safe, gentle and non invasive that babies and children love it.  It addresses the head and jaw, influencing nerves that can be affected during birth, which upsets the digestive and respiratory system leaving them feeling generally unsettled. It also works with the whole body, enabling optimum alignment and balance. The Bowen Moves seem to help relax tight muscles (even tiny babies can have tense muscles).  You may notice your child is more relaxed and sleeps better after a Bowen course. 

Tom Bowen, who developed this gentle technique, is credited with helping many children in his local community. 

I believe that complementary therapy should be available to all and are very pleased to be able to offer a “low cost” clinic for babies and children offering treatments for children.

Up to 5 years £5.00.

Up to 10 years £10.00.

Up to 15 years £10.00.

Various childhood conditions that have been reported to respond well to Bowen Therapy include: -

Allergies ~ ADHD ~ Autism ~ Bed-wetting ~ Cerebral Palsy ~ Chest Infections ~ Colic ~ Constipation ~ Poor Sleep ~ Eczema ~ Headaches ~ Growing Pains ~ Dyspraxia ~ Glue Ear ~ Stress ~ Poor Concentration ~ Asthma….

When treating young children, there is no pressure for them to lie still if they don’t want to, we can generally look at books or play with them or they can sit on a parents knee whilst the treatment is being administered.  We often do Bowen moves on mummy, daddy and sometimes even teddy…

Children who receive Bowen = healthier children with better concentration, improved sleep patterns, enhanced motor control and behaviour, quieter happier children

= Happier parents   

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